CG1 20L Commercial Protector

For Central Heating

CG1 20L Commercial Protector

For Central Heating

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New & Improved CG1 Protector

CG1 is a corrosion inhibitor, which prevents rusting and scaling inside your central heating system.

The product shields the delicate elements of a central heating system against common issues effectively, without the premium price tag.

Key Facts

  • NSF (formerly 'BuildCERT') approved
  • Helps maximise effective service life of gas boilers
  • Prevents radiators developing "cold spots" caused by sludge and scale deposits
  • Maintains/preserves radiant heat comfort/output from radiators
  • Optimises heating efficiency vs. gas consumption
  • Minimises boiler breakdowns caused by circulating debris in the system
  • Minimises discomfort and unplanned cost of emergency boiler maintenance
  • Prevents pin-hole leaks due to metal corrosion in radiators and pipes
  • Prevents boiler noise caused by limescale build-up


20L of Salamander CG1 Protector treats 4,000 litres of system water, equivalent to approximately 400 radiators.


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