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How much CG1 protector should I use?

1 bottle will treat around 10 radiators.

Should I remove the CG1 Protector?

No, you leave CG1 in the system, topping up if any water is lost from the system.

Should I remove the CG3 Cleaner?

Yes, once you have reached the time limit, drain the system fully to remove all system water, debris/sludge and CG3 contained within the system.

Will leaving CG3 in the system do any damage?

No, but the clean that CG3 has carried out will not be as effective as if the cleaner was removed in 3-4 weeks after having dosed the system.

What if I leave the cleaner in and add inhibitor?

The clean will not be effective and problems may occur in future, as the contaminants have not been removed.

Which systems can I use Salamander chemicals on?

Most systems. Not recommend for use in direct or primatic systems.

Can I use CG3 Cleaner on a brand new system?

Yes, CG3 will help to remove potentially harmful installation debris.

How do I remove CG3 Cleaner from the system?

Drain down fully and refill 3 times (drain, fill, drain, fill, drain, fill).

My system is very dirty, can I use more than 1 bottle of CG3 Cleaner?

Yes. Doubling the dosage will increase the concentration of the chemical and make for a quicker clean.

When should I use CG3?

Where a system is dirty and requires cleaning, CG3 should be used to remove deposits and build ups in the system, which can do damage to the inside of a central heating system and its components.

When should I use CG1?

After cleaning a system, CG1 should be added as protection for the system.

Where and how do I get the product into my central heating system?

Products can be introduced to a central heating system via an F&E tank, if the system is an ‘open’ system. Enough water should be removed so that the central heating system requires a refill, which will draw water from the tank and circulate it.

For a ‘sealed’ system, add wherever you can access the system (towel rail, radiator, filling loop using an adaptor).

How often should I use CG3 Cleaner and CG1 Protector?

A clean should be carried out if a system is dirty – this will become clear as you will be experiencing problems like cold radiators, or a noisy central heating system.

CG1 be topped up yearly, when water is taken out of the system, or any new fresh water is introduced to the system. The UK guidelines, BS7593, also recommend the system be cleaned, drained and refilled, using CG1 Protector, every 5 years, whether water has been added/removed to the overall system or not.

Can I use too much of the products?

No, overdosing the system is unlikely.

Where can I buy the products?

You can buy from Amazon here [link to Plumbing Supermarket]

Can I add CG3 Cleaner and CG1 Protector to a system, even if I believe other products have been added in to the system previously?

Yes, both CG3 Cleaner and CG1 Protector are compatible with other products.

Can I add too much CG1 Protector to the system?

It is unlikely that too much will be added.

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